Chemical products

Our products are made exclusively from virgin and wholesome raw materials (we do not use recycled raw materials), which results in high quality and full repeatability of the quality parameters of all product batches.

We also produce many other non-standard thinners and removers configured according to individual customer needs.

Packaging available: 5 l, 10 l, 20 l, 25 l and customer's own packaging for bulk products.

Grupa Bio Oligo produkty

We have the products shown below in our permanent range:

  • Toluene solvent for oil, nitro, renovation, phthalic-carbamide paints and varnishes, butapren-type adhesives and for degreasing. Suitable for cleaning metal tools with tough, dried dirt.
  • Technical Acetone solvent intended for professional use only. Used in various industries, it has very strong properties that require protective measures and appropriate safeguards before use.
  • Universal paint solvent is ideal for cleaning tools and application or painting equipment.
  • Acrylic solvent suitable for diluting acrylic varnishes, acrylic primers and opaque bases for metallic paints.
  • Alkyd solvent for diluting alkyd paints as well as cleaning painting tools.
  • Bitumen Thinner is ideal for thinning bitumen products such as paints, varnishes, sealants, etc.
  • Ethyl silicate paint solvent is used to dilute very demanding primers. It is a highly specialised product, which is used in steelworks, steel construction or shipbuilding.
  • Extraction kerosene is used for degreasing surfaces, cleaning equipment and tools, and diluting other liquids.
  • Multi-purpose naphtha is mainly used for cleaning and maintaining mechanical equipment.
  • Phthalic solvent is characterised by very good solubility of varnishes, paints and adhesives from the phthalic group of products. It is suitable for washing painting tools.
  • Xylene solvent is universal product used for diluting many substances such as paints, epoxy and acrylic varnishes, adhesives.
  • Carbamide solvent used for diluting carbamide and phthalate products such as paints, adhesives or varnishes. Also suitable for cleaning soiled tools after painting.
  • High-boiling ester solvent for use as a remover of resins, paints and varnishes, solvent for the following resins: acrylic, urethane, polyester, vinylacetal, alkyd, phenolic, epoxy, styrene.
  • Chlorine-rubber thinner for chlorinated rubber and polyvinyl chloride varnishes for general use, for oil, phthalic and bituminous varnishes.
  • Epoxy thinner for diluting priming paints, for enamels and chemically resistant epoxy varnishes.
  • Phthalic-carbamide thinner for diluting phthalic-carbamide products, paints, oil varnishes, adhesives, sealing compounds
  • Varnish thinner for diluting oil and phthalic paints and varnishes as well as asphalt and bituminous anti-corrosion compounds
  • Universal Thinner For thinning a wide range of paints and varnishes: oil, phthalic, nitro, chemically hardened, polyvinyl, chlorinated rubber.
  • Thinner-diluents used in the paint and varnish industry, metal industry, rubber industry; in dry cleaners and tanneries; in car repair shops for washing and degreasing, for cleaning metal parts.
  • NITRO thinner for diluting nitrocellulose lacquers, for diluting stains, putty compounds and for cleaning lacquering equipment after application.
  • Silicone remover for professional use in car varnishing. Intended for washing and degreasing surfaces before painting in order to remove silicone, grease, oil, wax, dust, etc. residues.
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